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I have been asked to provide a recommendation for Elizabeth, and it is my pleasure to do so. 

Elizabeth Fox is an unbelievable realtor and a reputable person. Elizabeth is the kind of person one rarely meets in this world, who actually has the ability to put another persons’ needs first, has an innate understanding to see what the next step for that person should be, and goes out of her way to accomplish what needs to be done.

Elizabeth listens intently to what you say, then has ample experience that enables her to offer sound advice. She has been a real estate agent for many years and understands the real estate process thoroughly. She knows more than any real estate agent I have ever met. I have been impressed by her knowledge and how she shares her insights freely. She has taught me so much. Elizabeth is proactive from the very beginning. She’s “all in” from the start.  The client is first with Elizabeth.

In our case, we previously had a contract with a realtor from Properties of The Villages. He overpriced the house, then had to lower it shortly afterwards. During the months he had the contract, he never received one written offer for the house, nor did he sell it. He was not assertive, nor proactive. In my opinion, he was letting the sale come to him, as opposed to advocating for a sale.  We wanted to get out of the contract with him, but he said we would need to pay more than $1K to do so. He put costs at $350 per open house and for “marketing.” We were stuck with him until the time ran out.

An interesting fact that we didn’t know at the time was that the realtors in The Villages do not use the regular MLS. Instead, they have their own MLS and that is the only place they advertise the house. 

So, Elizabeth looked at our house. She ascertained what it was really worth. She gave good advice along the way as to what I needed to do, and what I didn’t need to do in order to sell the house. She knew contractors she was able to refer me to, such as a person to remove wallpaper, another to paint, a handyman, a person to power-wash. They were all reputable people who did their job well. There wasn’t one area of the whole process that she didn’t have an answer or recommendation for. It was truly a seamless experience.

The first day the house went on the market, Elizabeth started receiving calls. The first prospective buyer was living in another part of the FL, and was interested in the house. She knew the house would sell fast, so she suggested the man get in his car and come to see the house, since she knew it may not be available by the next day.  He did so. We had three offers in writing on the house the next day. That first person, who drove up to see the house, ended up being the buyer. He offered all cash and bought the house outright, with no inspections or anything else needed. We closed in a week! 

Elizabeth has taught me many things. One of those is that if you price the house right, it sells. This is proven. The other realtor priced it high and for months the house sat. Elizabeth priced it correctly according to her knowledge and research, and sold it in two days.

Do not be concerned that Elizabeth is a sole proprietor. She may be one person, but her value far surpasses a team of real estate agents. There is no reason to think you should go with any other realtor.  You will be extremely satisfied with her service and the speed at which she works.  I hope you will move forward in working with her.
Patricia Doyle, Parent Advocate 


Georgette Phillips made a recommendation for you:

I highly recommend Elizabeth Fox. I worked closely with her in selling my mother's house. It is difficult to sell a home remotely but Elizabeth maintained close contact and gave great advice. She knows how to sell houses! We got the price we sought and a relatively quick closing.
Georgette Phillips - My mom's home - SOLD!

Another home run!
I have partnered with Elizabeth for the sale of two homes in Ocala. She is one of the best agents I have dealt with. She knows her market, she works hard to find buyers, she makes sure it closes on time. I did both of the transactions from a distance so it was important to have an engaged agent. Elizabeth did a fantastic job.
Review submitted by Georgette Phillips (Seller) on 17 Feb 2021

Happy New Year!
I’d like to introduce myself and recommend Elizabeth Fox as a realtor.  I am Marianne Galassi. I live in Northern VA and found Elizabeth through an internet search and hired her as my realtor after a interview.  I am a CEO of my own Engineering company that addresses security needs for the government.

I needed to sell my Mom’s home in Ocala, FL (Oak Run) and Elizabeth was very attentive, experienced and professional in every aspect of our time together.  She took excellent care of us and the property from the time we started working together in June 2020, from preparing the house for sale (she gives great decluttering advice), and the final sale of the house in November 2020 to such an extent, that I consider her a trusted friend. She went above and beyond to help me sell the house at the best price with very little hassle/trouble on my part. Her advice was always “on target”.

In today’s economy, and with the Multiple Listing Services (MLS) available to all, there are very few discriminating factors for choosing a realtor. I believe those are the personal care and integrity of the individual involved. In my line of business, I don’t have time to talk to a “team” of people with different experiences and ideas of my requirements. I need to get the job done and get it done right the first time!  One person can do the job and Elizabeth is my hero! We made the sale on the first best offer and got the BEST offer! Let her do her job and you can relax!
I highly recommend Elizabeth Fox as a realtor for all aspects of your sale.
Marianne Galassi

Elizabeth was a pleasure to work with throughout every step of my home buying experience. I recommend her to my friends all the time, and I recommend her to you, too.
Jennifer Watson - Home Owner

I bought several houses and hands down, Elizabeth is the best real estate agent I’ve ever used. She knows the housing market and she knows how to navigate the process of getting it closed!
Sara Brighton - Home Owner

I worked with Elizabeth Fox at Blu Sea Dreams, LLC & would highly recommend her! We already closed with Elizabeth on one property and are in the process of finding another one with her.
John Dillon - Home Owner

My name is Ginger Creese. I owned a home for in the Village of Fenny which I had purchased thru the Properties of The Villages and later listed it with them when I wanted to sell.  My home ended up being overpriced and I never received offer. I was tied into a 6 month contract at a 6% commission and  they are not flexible whatsoever!!  Once that time expired I listed the property with Elizabeth Fox at Blu Sea Dreams.

What I love about Elizabeth is that she’s flexible and willing to work with you and for you!!   Elizabeth never ceases to amaze me with ideas she comes up with. She tells me like it is and doesn’t pull any punches!

Elizabeth has always been there for me at any time and her personality is such that I can’t imagine anyone not getting along with her! I would and will recommend her services to anyone!
Sincerely, Ginger Creese

Elizabeth was our realtor from January of 2011 to October of 2011. Our only options were a short sale or foreclosure. Elizabeth held our hand the whole way through the short sale process. Thanks to her my credit is better than it would have been with a foreclosure. Elizabeth worked diligently to overcome unforeseen barriers with a short sale. She worked proactively with the bank in negotiation s to expedite the buying/selling process with the least amount of money out of our pocket as possibly. She went the extra mile to negotiate the terms of a short sale and had outstanding communication with the buyer, seller, banks and homeowners association . We would highly recommend Elizabeth Fox to any potential buyer or seller. She was the only person who was able to accommodate our needs and get the job done. Thank you Elizabeth for all the hard work and dedication you devoted to us! 
Chandler & Amanda Zeck - Sold our condo!

Elizabeth Fox has patience of a saint & was very sensitive to our requirements. She spent a lot of time with us and on her own inspecting possible properties of interest. She "weeded through" the MLS that looked good in photos, but were disappointing in person in order not to waste our time on them. Before driving to Washington (WA) state, Elizabeth Fox connected us to a WA bank loan officer, who started the process of qualifying us for a loan, etc. Elizabeth was by our sides through the whole process. She worked well with the 2 home sellers' agents, making us feel comfortable with our choices and decisions. Our gratitude to Elizabeth is unending. We are adding "Reliable" with "Excellent" status regarding Elizabeth Fox's performance. We know we can cont act Elizabeth any time for assistance and/or questions, etc. we may have in the future. We pray Elizabeth Fox stays happy and healthy! We're not "done" with her yet! We were and are truly blessed to have her in our lives. Thank you very much!" Karen & Mike Spettel, Lynden, WA 1/23/2018
Mike & Karen Spettel - Calif to Washington

UPDATE: Karen & Mike Spettel, Idaho 2020
Elizabeth told us that she was our "Broker for Life" so when we decided to move to Idaho we called her.  Elizabeth was living in Florida by this time and no longer in Washington State where we were.  Regardless of geography I cannot believe what she accomplished for us.  To begin with she went online and talked to various builders (we wanted new cosntruction) and found a houseplan and location that she was convinced we would love.  She then located a local realtor to list our home and worked with him throughout the process to assure that it was a smooth transaction.  We had friends in Idaho who had already set us up with an agent to find us a home in Idaho so we had Elizabeth speak with her to insure that the agent showed us the specific home that Elizabeth had found.  I dont think the Idaho agent really appreciated that but ...guess what?  The home that Elizabeth found for us in Idaho from Florida is the exact home that we fell in love with and now call our own!!!
Karen & Mike Spettel, Idaho 2020

I had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth for a property in WA as a CA resident. I really just got lucky finding Elizabeth through a cold call to her associate. Elizabeth is knowledgeable not just about real estate purchase and selling but also how to work with out of state buyers. She was so thorough in helping me get property management and the phone numbers of utilities and coordinating everything there locally. I am so grateful for her hardwork and being one step ahead constantly. But, getting to know her, I am the most impressed at how principled she is and her own solid sense of ethics. It was seemless and easy.
Careese Leung

As new homebuyers in the outrageously expensive Maui residential market, we didn’t think we would ever be able to navigate the murky waters. However, Elizabeth’s professional guidance and care were beacons in the storm. Not only did she walk us through every aspect of buying our first home here, she went above and beyond for us. After we had spent literally all our savings, etc. just to pay for closing costs, she graciously provided her vacation rental unit for us to stay in while we were waiting for the house to close. We could not have done this without Elizabeth! Many realtors over the years have tried to solicit our business. They have failed. When we go to buy our next home, I don’t care if she is in Timbuktu, we wouldn’t use anyone else!
Scott and Allison Crumpton Kihei, HI

Elizabeth Fox… There are real estate agents/ brokers and there are Real Estate Agents/Brokers. But you won’t find a more diligent, trust worthy, intelligent, hardworking, knowledgeable and caring agent/broker than “ELIZABETH FOX” on Maui Hawaii. Buying a house on Maui from the mainland can be a scary situation. We had made offers through several other agencies but the agents didn’t seem to be really working in our best interests. I responded to a listing which was represented by Elizabeth, she asked to be our exclusive agent/broker, we said yes. We completed a loan application and then made offers on several places, which were declined by the sellers because our offers were to low (our choice). Now comes the best part, Elizabeth mentioned that a house might be listed soon that we may be interested in. Well it came on the market, we liked the price, location, and the house and we made an offer, now mind you we were on the mainland. Elizabeth helped us make the right offer, our offer was accepted!, helped us get a great loan, insurance and an escrow/title Co. Now, we had everything, but Elizabeth went one step further, on approval of our loan and in advance of our closing, because we would be on the mainland when we would close she presented us with a fantastic drawing of pair of whales, it was an emotional moment for all of us. We had viewed the property in August and loved it, and then returned in September on vacation, the renters would occupy the property until we would move in, in April. She provided property management assistance until we asked the renters to vacate. She is not just an agent/broker but she has a heart and she cares personally about her clients. The whole process was done via phone calls and faxes and Elizabeth answered all of our questions and was extremely patient with us. We were able to do the closing on the mainland at the Fremont CA. branch office of the escrow Co. We still keep in touch, because she has become a very good friend of ours.
Joe Stewart Kihei, Maui, Hawaii

My name is Melanie. When I responded to Elizabeth's flyer in the mail it was one of about ten that I had called in the previous few weeks alone. We had been trying for two years to fix a bad refinance without any luck and I was desperate. Elizabeth came out to my home and after looking over our situation offered us several options that we could attempt to try. It was a gut-wrenching blow for us to realize that after living in our home for 11 years and struggling so hard to keep it, that a short-sale would be in our best interests. All of my family thought that Elizabeth was only looking out for HER best interests and that her "options" were set up so that we would do what she wanted. In order to calm everyone down and to make sure that what we were doing was a sound choice, I called a company that only deals with people in our situation which my dad had found through a business partner. The man I spoke with (who stood nothing to gain from the conversation) offered up all of the same options that Elizabeth already had, saying also that he was pleased to hear that we had gotten past the denial stage and had been able to look logically at the situation. Although we did list the house, Elizabeth knew that we would have preferred to stay and never stopped looking for a way for us to do so. We had refinanced more times than I care to count in an effort to keep the house throughout the years and those experiences gave me better than average knowledge of the process. Elizabeth I found, had the same knowledge by herself that I previously had needed to call several people to attain! She was constantly researching new types of loans and followed the "bailout" plans religiously. If ever I heard something that I wanted to look into - Elizabeth researched it for me, even going so far as to call tax attorneys and the IRS when I was concerned about that. Elizabeth is a very down-to-earth person to work with. When I completely lost it emotionally about half way through the process and simply could not take any more...she had my back. I later found out that she had picked up the slack in order to allow me the time I needed to simply cope. Not a week went by that I did not hear from her unless I chose it. If I needed to talk, she listened. If I had questions that I knew had no answers, she listened to those too and did her best to set me at ease and help me through the process. In the end, our house sold quickly while others around us had been sitting for months or longer with no activity at all. With her experience and knowledge of the market, she kept the house priced aggressively but at an amount that the bank would accept. We were able to walk away from all of the debt associated with the house without owing anything on either of our mortgages. By helping us know when the right time to start looking for a rental was, Elizabeth maximized the money we were no longer paying to our mortgage and we were able to get current on the bills we had neglected while trying to save our house. Even still, we had nearly two months to look for a new place, and because we were not rushed, we were able to find a place that is exactly what we wanted (a 2100 sf house on 6 acres) and now pay less in rent that we ever did on our mortgage. We moved in to our last house three days after my son was born. Our children had never known what it was like to move or change schools and the idea of all of it was terrifying to say the least. Undoubtedly it was one of the most stressful times we have been through. Somehow though, everything worked out just right (just like Elizabeth kept telling me it would!) The simple freedom of not having to worry about all of it now is wonderful. We chose what happened, not the banks! I never could have made it through without the amazing help of Elizabeth and her team. Thank you so very much to them all!  
Melanie Noyes

Dear Elizabeth, Thank you so much for these past months of helping me complete my short sale on Maui. It could not have been done without your experience and knowledge. Your knowledge and expertise in loans, mortgages, real estate law and short sale laws in Hawaii and on the mainland made the sale happen. Thanks to you, I was not left in the dark not knowing a thing about short sales, not knowing if I 'qualified' nor even where to begin. Not just any realtor could have begun nor completed this short sale-nor any short sales, for that matter. I am so fortunate to have had you represent me and so are the banks and buyer. I am certain the house would not have sold without you representing me. I hope others will be able to find you in these hard times and realize it's possible to make it and work with banks, negotiators, realtors, buyers, title companies... I am forever thankful for all your diligence and integrity and patience.
Morgan Fisher - Former Maui homeowner

It was a true pleasure working with Elizabeth Fox of BluSeaDreams LLC to sell my home in Lady Lake, FL.  Elizabeth was consistently upbeat and readily available to assist me throughout the entire process.  This included my preparation to sell, the actual placing of my home on the market and her assistance right through to the closing.

This sale occurred during some difficult times for me.  I am pleased to say Elizabeth's humor and quick responses helped me move through the entire sale process with ease.
Kristine Foth 

Just doesn’t get any better than this!!
Elizabeth is a calm experienced real deal professional!!
If you need someone to get the job done - you’ve found what you need.  I was the buyer and she wasn’t representing me! But I quickly realized she is an honest fiduciary wanting to facilitate what can be a mind numbing ordeal.  From first look to closing in two weeks! Thanks again Elizabeth
Scott and Selena Brown (Buyer)
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Elizabeth Fox went above and beyond all of our expectations.  Elizabeth’s market knowledge is top shelf up-to-date. She listened to our wants and desires and fulfilled every single one. We highly recommend anyone in the market to call her for assistance you will not be disappointed!
Richard & Cheryl Blanchard (Buyer)
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I just started a position as an ER physician in the area and stayed here as I waited to close on my new house. My wife came to visit for her birthday when the CoVId 19 pandemic broke out, so she was unable to return to Texas to finish packing to complete our move. Elizabeth welcomed her into her home even though the room I rented was for a single occupant. Also, not every host would allow someone whose job exposes him to the virus to stay in their home. Yet, that was never an issue. What began as a short stay has developed into a lifetime friendship. I would recommend this Airbnb to anyone, especially those in the medical profession. The property is centrally located, near the healthcare centers in the area. DeeDee and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We want you to know that you will for ever be a part of our family. thank you for your hospitality, but specially for your kindness and generosity.
Horacio & DeeDee Diaz – Harbor Hills, FL

Elizabeth is a wonderful host with a lovely home. My mermaid room was very pretty, had a comfortable bed and had lots of space for my things. She even left a snack selection for me. Clean towels available as needed. The bath had a nice shower head and great water pressure, which I appreciate. Numerous selections for the Keurig coffee maker. Loved my stay and plan to return. Thank you for having me. It was great to meet you. Your home is lovely. I hope the drs help your back - you have a lot more fun to experience! I will let you know if my sisters or I will be back. If you ever get to Maine, be sure to say hello. 
Calla Baxter    Vacation Rental

Elizabeth has been the best host ever! I have traveled extensively for the past 25 years and can promise that Elizabeth’s hospitality is unmatched. She helped my father every step of the way; always knowing what he would need when. Always friendly, welcoming, efficient, and ready to help in anyway. No we’re a bit spoiled. It was truly sad to leave after a week at Elizabeth’s. Hope to see you next year!!! Thanks for everything!! Thank you for everything!!! He loved it. Of course he hasn’t liked anything since he left your place because nothing compares!
Nikki C.  Vacation Rental

Elizabeth’s home is wonderful in every way. It is fresh and clean and beautifully renovated. The room was well-decorated and bed comfortable. The room was set up for guests with hangers in the closet, shower caddy and baskets, and even sleeping masks! A variety of Keurig coffees await you. There are three porches to enjoy. Elizabeth is easygoing and pleasant to be around. She was flexible to extend my stay and made me feel more than welcome. I highly recommend her place! Elizabeth, thank you so much for such a wonderful visit. You were more of a blessing than I ever could have imagined. Your thoughtfulness and going beyond the extra mile was something I will never forget. I enjoyed our evening talks and down time together. I feel I not only have an Airbnb place to stay, but a new friend as well
Patti Doyle  Vacation Renter


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